Monday, January 19, 2009

Lonnie McAlister's Book: 575 You're No Longer Alive (delayed due to mishandling)

The release of Lonnie McAlister's new book, 575: You're No Longer Alive, has been delayed due to legal litigations and unfinishedness. 

When released, "Five Seven Five You're No Longer Alive" will be an uplifting book of poetry...about Lonnie McAlister's miscarriages. And it's written entirely in haiku. Lonnie has agreed to provide some excerpts of her unfinished yet cover-designed book. Here it is...

rollercoasters and
vodka shots- what a summer!
Your only season

gelatinous mass
swirling in the toilet bowl
all my hopes and dreams

prom dress way too tight.
dumpster behind the school gym.
can't return these shoes

we bought a prius
dark, empty nursery
no baby on board

we painted your room
all gender neutral colors
now my heart is black

dear baby jesus,
where do little ones lost go?
fingers crossed: heaven

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